Defending Family Farms

Tony is committed to protecting our rural way of life, and family farms are a critical part of that. As an organic farmer, Tony knows the hard work that goes into building a successful farm and will fight for the interests of agriculture in Madison.

Quality Education

A good education opens the door of opportunity for our children. As the father of two, Tony knows the value of public education, especially in rural Wisconsin where our schools are also the backbone of our communities. Tony will ensure education in Wisconsin is always a top priority.

Strong Infrastructure

Our farms and local businesses depend on good, quality roads and bridges to get their products to markets, and that means making sure these investments are funding priorities. Tony will be a strong voice for quality roads in Madison.

It's your money!

Politicians often forget - You work hard for what you earn. As your representative, Tony will always remember that! He will make sure your tax dollars are spent wisely, fight to hold the line on property taxes, and work to reduce your income tax burden.

access to health care

Access to quality, affordable health care is critical to maintaining a good standard of living. That's becoming more of a challenge - one that policy makers have failed to fix. As the husband of a nurse anesthetist, Tony knows the current system isn't working for too many of our friends and neighbors. He will work to make health care more accessible and more affordable.


Tony relies on generous donations from folks like you to keep his campaign going strong. Please consider pitching in any amount you can spare to help send Tony to Madison!